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Wiser with Reiser

Nov 19, 2018

My interview today is with Colter Bloxom, a Phoenix-based therapist.

3:16 Are we more anxious or do we just know more about it now?

7:00 why we want to have a good relationship with anxiety

13:00 the role of social media

16:00 accepting boredom

25:00 what makes you good at your job makes you suck at...

Nov 5, 2018

Page Denny with Neatly on the Rocks shares her love of whiskey.

4:00 difference between scotch, rye, bourbon

9:00 environmental factors contributing to taste

12:00 how to improve your palate

16:00 deciphering whiskey nomenclature

22:00 how to start a whiskey collection

24:00 the one bottle in Page’s collection that...