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Wiser with Reiser

Dec 3, 2018

Previous guests tell us what they like to give the special people in their lives. Happy holidays, and you'll hear from me in 2019!


The One Thing:



Nov 19, 2018

My interview today is with Colter Bloxom, a Phoenix-based therapist.

3:16 Are we more anxious or do we just know more about it now?

7:00 why we want to have a good relationship with anxiety

13:00 the role of social media

16:00 accepting boredom

25:00 what makes you good at your job makes you suck at...

Nov 5, 2018

Page Denny with Neatly on the Rocks shares her love of whiskey.

4:00 difference between scotch, rye, bourbon

9:00 environmental factors contributing to taste

12:00 how to improve your palate

16:00 deciphering whiskey nomenclature

22:00 how to start a whiskey collection

24:00 the one bottle in Page’s collection that...

Oct 19, 2018

My interview today is with Michael Carlin with Henry and Horne Wealth Management.

3:00 pay off debt first or invest in 401k first?

13:15 balancing investing with vacation

1720 achieving financial independence

2715 what not to do

Oct 5, 2018

My guest today is personal trainer Nate Palmer.

1:45 nate talks about pressure for males to look a certain way

2:50 how nate got into fitness

4:25 nate’s transformation’

710 general macro advice

830 how he tracks his calories

925 philosophy on cheat meals

1035 how to rethink eating at restaurants

1145 how to change...