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Wiser with Reiser

Feb 25, 2019

My guest today is Ryan with Arrest Your Debt. He is a lieutenant for a police department in Arizona, a husband, and father of 3. 

1400 how much to have in an emergency fund to begin with

1800 Ryan's rental property goals

20:00 why he’s paying off his home

25:00 stock market basics 

30:00 S&P index fund

37:00 how much...

Feb 11, 2019

Jared and Ty with Vamos5 take about four international trips a year, along with several domestic vacations. Hear their financial hacks, as well as packing tricks and other expert tips.  

3:00 how they prioritize their spending to afford travel

8:00 where the name Vamos 5 comes from

13:30 times of year when they...

Jan 21, 2019

My guest today is Jeremy Heath, ultra runner and blogger from “Confessions of An Amateur Athlete.”

700 why Jeremy started a blog

1200 endorsement deals

1500 injury treatment

2130 Jeremy’s current goals

2400 what his long distances look like

2700 why strength/cross training is important

3200 how many races he does...

Jan 14, 2019

My guest from last week, Chris Peach with discusses how he started his very successful blog. 

730 how long until Chris thinks you can make money blogging

1540 why you should reinvest in your business instead of spending profits

1744 recent milestones he met

1820 how Chris’ blog makes money

The ONE...

Jan 7, 2019

Today we speak with Chris Peach, founder of money He and his wife paid off tens of thousands of dollars in debt in a matter of months, and now they are working on tackling other financial goals.

9:00 Chris’ philosophy on buying older cars

12:00 how long it took them to get out of debt

17:00 how he budgets...